Baby puppies or Puppy babies?

Observation is a daily practice for me.  As Henry pushed this book below in my face while uttering more for the twelve hundredth time, it occurred to me that babies are just like the puppies being described in the pages.  Take a gander, see if the evidence speaks for itself, and then maybe you will be able to answer the age old question of: Are babies really puppies, or are puppies really babies?



 (Obviously in their natural habitat)


 IMG_20140214_141417 (1)

 (So much energy they managed to all crash in Tommy’s crib.)


IMG_20140304_100210_678IMG_20140310_143950_634 (2)018

 (These babies don’t so much play side by side one another but rather pin and throw in some WWE moves on one another.)

IMG_20140423_105252_269        IMG_20140225_094917_427IMG_20140415_152454_109

 (Joey doesn’t have a shot against the sneaky Grace.)




 (And chewing hard objects is good for their immune systems too.)




 (If they demand their snacks in a dog bowl, who am I to stop them.)



(A baby’s motto, just like a puppy’s, is to rest wherever and whenever.)



(The playing never ends for these three.)

So there you have it.  For my money I’d take babies over puppies any day because diapers, duh.

*Book seen here: Puppies by Missy Kavanaugh and Sandra Gurman

3 thoughts on “Baby puppies or Puppy babies?”

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