Happy 1st, Babies!

Today marks the day that the Trishlets have been on this earth for one whole year!  I still find myself shocked that there are actually three of them.  I thought it would be nice to take a stroll down memory lane with 12 special moments captured on digital software throughout this past year.  Henry, Grace, and Thomas, my look how much you’ve grown!

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Happy Birthday little Thomas!  We love you, our masterful baby conductor!  You and your peculiar idiosyncrasies are just perfect!

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Happy Birthday little Gracie!  We love you, our brainy baby buddha!  You and your diva antics are just perfect!

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Happy Birthday Little Henny!  We love you, our baby Stitch!  You and your destructive, adventurous ways are just perfect!

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Congrats to Joe and Trish!  You’ve successfully made it through one year of days like this:


And guess what……………there is only more excitement to come!

Happy Birthday Trishlets!!

(Photo creds K. Liburdi)



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