7 Topics to consider when taking triplets (who aren’t yet two years old) to the playground

IMG_20141008_115554_937I don’t venture too far from home with the Trishlets by myself.  I’m not quite ready to be caught in an eating establishment with them alone, and I haven’t built up the courage to take them to any kind of organized toddler event.  Yet I don’t want to deprive them, for they need interactions in the real world, and let’s face it they already have been deprived of never having a birthday to themselves and that is deprivation enough.  So where do we go?  We go to the playground, and here are the things I contemplate for our journeys out into civilization:

  1. Potty Training – I’m not referring to me attempting to toilet train these maniacs, but rather I’m referring to potty training myself.  Now whenever I go someplace with my ducklings I need to ask myself ten times over if I need to use the bathroom.  Sometimes I’ll go twice in the span of five minutes right before exiting the house, because heaven forbid I get caught out in public with these munchkins and I’m left searching for the nearest restroom, but not just any restroom you see, I require one that can accommodate me and my 7 foot long stroller.  We did have an occurrence a few weeks ago where we were all at the park and Joey’s need for a bathroom escalated from around a four to a 10 in seconds.  Needless to say, I am still sweating from that day.  So remember diapers aren’t just for babies and old people, they are also for almost thirty year old nannies to wear because first and foremost you gotta do you.
  2. Time Management – Ok I’m going to get to the park by 10:30 whichin actuality means we more than likely will be sliding at 11:30.  This doesn’t just take place with having triplets present, because this takes place with the fact of just having kids.  Children, they eat away at your time without even trying.  It just is a tad more pronounced when dealing with three toddlers.  Sneakers are always missing.  A decent sized portion of snacks packed won’t work because three, duh.  It’s nice to have a set time for departure but when in the company of triplets you can throw that out the window every single time you set it .
  3. Car Loading – I know what you are thinking, “What could possibly be so difficult about putting the trips in the car, for after all it is probably one of the more routine parts of an outing with these three?”  Well, guess what, here are the options you have when trying to accomplish this here task:                                                                                    Option 1: Take one baby out at a time and as you shut the door to keep the others contained you receive shrieks that no human should have to hear.  The immediacy in the breakdown is like telling a first grader he can’t go to recess.  Real tears emerge without fail because how dare I let one of them into the light of day without including the others.  Silly me, car loading tricks are not for kids.                                                                                                                                      Option 2: Let them all walk out to the car with you and have them all run directly towards the street as you grab one to throw into the car (not placing them in their seat) just to spare you some time to tranquilize the other two before they hit the pavement.                   Option 3:  Bring them all out hoping they are somewhat obedient and let them   peruse the car as you buckle one in.  One will eventually make their way to the driver’s seat and they of course will press every single button so when you eventually do get to turning on the car your wipers are ready for a hail storm, you’re listening to Japanese radio at a volume of 67, and you then have to deal with the repercussions of a distraught baby when they find out that, no they will not be the one driving us to the park today.  Sorry maybe next Tuesday, Henry.                                                       Option 4:  Bring them out to the car on a leash.  And proceed to throw treats onto their seats to lure them in.  Hey, this actually isn’t that bad of an idea maybe I should try it.
  4. Entrapment – I stay in the house with them because you know what homes have?  Doors.  And you know what doors do?  They keep things and people contained. They don’t keep Trishlets off countertops, but they keep them from escaping.  Therefore, it pretty much is do or die if a park is enclosed or not.  So if you are following correctly if there is a gate it’s a do, and if there isn’t a gate I’d probably be better off dead than having to single-handedly try and wrangle three toddlers who like to split in opposite directions.  Drastic, I know, but also necessary for purposes of furthering our discussion on the dos and don’ts of nannyhood.
  5. Swings – Swings are fun and all but most parks are usually equipped with just two baby swings.  I trust that if you are reading this, you can also do the math.  Plus, if two are in the swing the third one is most likely just going to walk in front of the swing to get taken down mortal combat style, unless you are a nanny on her toes keeping them at bay or holding them while pushing.  I guess preventing an injury is a viable option for me, and I really should be able to handle pushing two babies in a swing while entertaining the third or perhaps I can teach them the novel idea of turn taking.  But who has time for that?  Thus, selfishly I prefer a swingless park.  There I said it.
  6. Questions and Stares – I’m not a very social being, but these three have made it   easier for me to talk to strangers. (Aww chill now with the saccharine sentiments, this isn’t your diary.)  Just the sight of them in their stroller is a great talking point.  And I always make it a point to say I’m not the mommy because I want people to think my sister is loaded and has a live-in nanny, no.  Because I want them to think I am far too young to have triplets, ha no.  Because I want them to say what a blessing I am, it’s nice but no.  Because I don’t want to take credit for giving birth to them, because Trish truly does deserve all the credit.
  7. Attitude – I’m not talking about the ‘tude that Grace possesses day in and day out, I’m talking about my attitude towards having three toddlers in a public forum.  I’m typically pretty laid back, but from this experience I think I have learned to be even more so.  If another kid drinks from their water bottle, so what, who cares.  If they want to taste test the leaves, go for it.  If they desire to climb up the slide, I could try to stop them, but I’d much rather be stared at by a disapproving mom for teaching them bad habits.  But at 22 months you have to choose your battles, and one over the proper use of a 3 foot slide is one I don’t want or care to fight.  I’m just happy to be breathing some fresh air and delighted that they are entertaining themselves, so please let them and me enjoy it while we can.

I’m sure if you have been to a playground with even one child you can relate, and if you have been to one with triplets please give me your number because I’m looking for a fill-in for my sick days.

IMG_20141008_105046_930 IMG_20141008_105215_484 (1)IMG_20141008_110230_024




30 Permissible Acts/Things that happen when taking care of triplets: Part Two

The sequel to Part One.

1.  You put them in charge of the utensils.


2.  You DO NOT disrupt them when they are at work.


3.  You only venture to the beach if this is a guarantee:

10514510_10204507202382812_7273461994243515408_n(Photo Credit: K. Liburdi)

4.  You grant them clearance to have pets but only ones that they can wear around their necks.



5.  You have diaper races on the soft, cushy, flat surfaces of the house.

IMG954028(Photo credit: K. Liburdi)

6.  You promote women power which at the baby levels means a baby woman using her persuasive way to convince a baby man to go places where he can be locked up.


7.  You agree, if they want to be like mommy, who am I to stop them.

IMG_20140813_110553_094 (1)

8.  You splurge on expensive toys.


9.  You participate in the health craze by having them eat clean.


10.  You outsource your playground responsibilities to a three year old.


11.  You are constantly playing the fun for hours game of can you spot the missing baby?

IMG_20140624_161323_248 (1)



12.  You let them have their first sleepover.


13.  You dress them in attire that only speaks the truth.




14.  You let them drive but only while standing, and only while backwards, and only while pantless.


15.  You just can’t please everyone.


16.  You know above all else as a nanny safety is your primary concern and you will stop at nothing to ensure that.


IMG_20140402_160643_441 IMG_20140402_162057_090


17.  You approve of siblings treating other siblings as pets.


18.  You value the appearance and are pleased with clothes that fit well.


19.  You realize the importance of keeping a consistent routine and schedule.  That means napping must be done at the same time everyday and snacks should be offered at predictable times and eaten in predictable places.



20.  You rely on the older one to bring home the bacon, so they might have a shot at all of them attending college.

IMG_20140704_212025_685 (1)

21.  You play Where’s Waldo at the park, with Thomas being Waldo.


22.  You speed dial pest control to somehow assist you with this terrifying nightmare:


23.  You monitor their whereabouts with the Lindsay Lohan brand of ankle bracelets.


24.  You allow them to have pool time but only after they have completed the proper maintenance and repair work.

IMG_20140807_131636_557-1 (1)

25.  You applaud their impeccable folding abilities and on point organizational skills.


26.  You immediately prevent situations where they are alone like this from happening just so you can stay one step ahead of them in their plot to take you down.

IMG_20140310_143950_634 (2)

27.  You don’t have to go to trial to know which Trishlet is the culprit.


28.  You pray for anyone that happens to have a hotel room adjacent in the same hotel as them.  (And yes that is 12:34 A.M.)


29.  You still can’t get over the fact that your sister gave birth to three babies at once.


30.  And finally your house in a constant state of this:


because you can’t always win.











Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

Like the contestants on the summer reality show Big Brother, these Trishlets have decided to fill out a questionnaire in order for us to get to know them on a more personal level.  Below are their responses.



Nicknames: Gracie, G.G., Icebox, Gracie Girl

Known for: My diva ways and my no nonsense attitude

Favorite Hobbies: Imitating my older brother, Follow that up by antagonizing him and being antagonized by him, Attacking my two wombmates with a stiff arm and a unexpected flail, Searching for treasure in my nose, Climbing on the counter chairs to snack while no one is looking, Telling people no

Favorite Place: At the beach – but only if there is a cute lifeguard that I can flirt with.

Favorite Music: Club/House not to be confused with the theme song from Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse but rather techno/pop, Current fave: “Timber”

Go to Dance Moves: Shoulder shimmy, Spinning, Jumping in place

Favorite Food: Cheese, Cheese, and Cheese, and Appetizers

Favorite Word: More (More cheese, more attention on me, and more me all the time.)

Favorite Movie: The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Type of Cry: Guttural and Angry

Life Motto: “I stand down for no one.”

Karate Belt Level of Destructive Ways: Purple

Role in Operation Takedown Nanny Debbie: The Brains

Reality show most likely to star in: Real Housewives of Philly (For the drama, because I certainly will have a job and be my own boss), Friday Night Tykes (hence my Icebox nickname), The Baby Bachelorette



Nicknames: Henny, Hen, Henny Poo Poo, Henny Boo Boo, Buggyboo, Stitch, Paul Hamm, H-Bomb, Henny “the Chestnut” McGinn

Known for: My core strength and my adventurous ways.

Favorite Hobbies: Opening all the draws that mommy has just shut, Throwing toys to get them to work, Yanking glasses right off people’s faces, Eating the smallest particles of anything I can find, Showing off my incredible ab strength without even having to lift up my shirt, Walking around like an old man, Storing food in my high chair, Poking my own eyes out

Favorite Place: On top of high things I shouldn’t be on top of

Favorite Music: Marching Band Songs, Instrumental Pieces

Go to Dance Moves: Arms out on my side and waving them back and forth like I just don’t care

Favorite Food:  Hot dogs and Fruit

Favorite Word: Uh-Oh (Did I do that?)

Favorite Movie: The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Type of Cry: Whiny and Quivering lower lip

Life Motto: “If there isn’t risk involved, it’s not for me.”

Karate Belt Level of Destructive Ways: Black

Role in Operation Takedown Nanny Debbie: The Diversion

Reality Show Most Likely to Star in: American Ninja Warrior, Guts, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Wipeout, America’s Next Top Gymnast, One of those Flying Wallenda Specials (I’ll marry into the family)



Nicknames: Tommy, Tom, T.T., T. Bird, T. Bone, T.T. Bird, Little Buddy, Clothes Muncher, The Cat Burglar

Known For: My sweetness and my laziness.

Favorite Hobbies: Finding clothes and rags to munch on, Pushing and rolling things that go, Searching for the perfect person who will let me use their lap (which happens to be anybody I can find), Storing food in my mouth for hours, Doing baby yoga poses unintentionally, Slugging around the house

Favorite Place: On someone’s lap

Favorite Music: Easy listening, Michael Bublé, Oldies

Patented Dance Moves: Swaying my head and a slight bend of my knees

Favorite Food:  Ba-bas and Khakis

Favorite Word: Up (and now I say upie which works even better when luring people in)

Favorite Movie: The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Type of Cry: Hysterical and Maniacal

Life Motto: “I haven’t found a lap I don’t like.”

Karate Belt Level of Destructive Ways: Yellow

Role in Operation Takedown Nanny Debbie: The Stealth

Reality Show Most Likely to Star in: My Strange Addiction, Momma’s Boys, Any show that takes place where there is no sunlight so perhaps Living Alaska: Winter or True Life: I’m a Vampire.

It’s been a year, do I get a raise?

I’m back!!!!!!  First off, let me apologize for my hiatus.  Quick update: the Trishlets are getting ready for high school while Joey is preparing for his senior year.  You know the thing about going back to grad school is it seems like a good idea in theory, but honestly who wants to have to ever write a paper again or do required readings, especially when they detract from my all-important blog writing.  So I am sorry I have neglected updating you on what’s been going down in my world, and I thank the three of you outside of my family for reading my words.

A year ago this time I was in my filled to the brim CR-V with only room for my body in the driver’s seat (oh and a tray of sandwiches I took from my school on my last day of work that were leftover because good food shouldn’t go to waste, and my parents weren’t home to eat them, so I had to pack them and take them with me while keeping one arm closely on them to secure them from ending up all over my dashboard and windshield on my move down to PA) ready to take on my new adventure.  And an adventure it has been.  They went from 7 month old crying, pooping babies from when I first started to 19 month old crying, pooping babies today.  There have been some highlights and some lowlights and as a result we all now have awesome hair.

I’ve mentioned before observing the development of a child has been a daily practice for me and as they age it really has kicked into high gear.  It has been extremely interesting to see these three develop into little humans, each unique in their own way.  I am not necessarily one to look at the grand scheme of things, so taking this job one day at a time has been a natural fit for me.  I think anyone who has raised a child, is raising a child, or takes care of children for a living quickly learns to appreciate the small things in life.  These tiny things that have occurred over the last year have steered me to new levels of appreciation.  I have noticed things, seen things, and learned a few things that have brought me to where I am today.

Everyone preaches appreciate the small things in life, but it is never more true than when discussing bowel movements.  Appreciating the solidness of said bowel movement has become a ritual for me.  The joy I get when one of the Trishlets produces a solid poop is actually disturbing.  Matter of fact the whole changing process has perhaps made me a little nutty.  I say things like “hot off the presses” (when you can tell it has just come out of their body), “diaper fully loaded” (when it is packed with you know what (a word my mom doesn’t like me to say) and an obvious pun on the movie Herbie Fully Loaded ), and sometimes I sing a little song called “Henry’s (insert triplet B’s and triplet C’s name here) got the poops” in the tune of “Elmo’s got the moves.”  It’s not that I have become obsessed with their bowel movements; it’s just that the evidence shows that I have.  Hey, when you are interacting with one year olds each day and your life involves wiping babies bottoms these are the things that get you by, so step off.  Plus, to put this talk into perspective, the triplets go through approximately (12-15) diapers a day.  Times that by the 365 days I have been a nanny and that is roughly 5,000 diapers this year.  I by no means have changed all their diapers, because 1) they don’t have parents that are cruel to me, and 2) I have been separated from them for more than a day at a time, but nonetheless I do spend a significant portion of the time with them.  So I’m no math expert here but let’s just say I have been the one responsible for changing 2,000 of those diapers (may be an overestimation or perhaps an underestimation, who knows that’s why it’s called an estimation).  That’s thousands – PLURAL of diapers!!!!!!  Some parents don’t change that amount in a lifetime (I’m looking at you dads and Kim and Kanye), so I very well please can focus my attention on the excitement I get from something known as a rock-solid BM and the seemingly rote routine practice of changing a diaper.  Thank you.  It sounds like I am bragging, but I’m not, oh how I am not.

To keep with the disgusting theme, another thing I pride myself on is getting the crusty snot pieces out of their noses.  Don’t act like this is the most repulsive thing out there, if you want repulsive I’ll gladly share a story about Auggie’s (their dog) bowel movements and how they relate to the babies.  Anyway, it is a terrific sense of accomplishment when the hard stuff is finally extracted from their nose.  Don’t you agree?  You feel like a champ for accomplishing such a difficult task.  You learn to careless if you are dealing with a particularly feisty baby who gets red in the face while screaming their head off because the snot must go.  I know there is temporary discomfort, but all I’m concerned about is the feelings of elation I receive when I the job I set out to do is completed.

Another aspect of my life that I have become acutely more aware of is the expense of raising a baby.  I mean everyone is well aware that having a child is a costly thing.  Diapers alone you need to take a mortgage out for and that’s when you have one baby.  Three, forget about it.  Add formula into the equation and bam it is over.  That’s why whenever a small percentage or any residue falls from the scooper and misses their bottle I feel like I should resign on the spot, because I am essentially costing them millions.  I know I’m not perfect I just hope my employees know what my intentions are and that they aren’t to throw their money down the drain.  That’s why they had kids to begin with, right?  To throw their money down their own drain.

As the Trishlets have gotten older and wiser they have become more attentive and curious.  One of the best things about my “job” is being able to make them laugh with just a look or a noise.  Their laughter, sometimes uncontrollable, makes me feel like a comedian on a daily basis and I don’t  even have to speak (which actually may be the perfect description of my dream job – people laughing without me speaking, I guess I will be a mime then after my nannying days are over or Nelson Mandela’s funeral sign interpreter at the very least).  Yet, what is even more entertaining than making them laugh is when they laugh at themselves or when they make one of the other babies laugh.  Those scenarios really are the best.  And this portion of my post was brought to you by the Hallmark Channel.

One of the main things I have learned over this past year is what sense of entitlement babies possess.  They place such high demands on you to feed them.  They give off this air of entitlement that you must pick them up.  They shake their head when you try to do something for them but they don’t want you to.  And better yet you find them clapping for themselves all the time.  Not only are they entitled, but they are also arrogant.  They are so proud of themselves for doing anything and everything.  The act of putting a toy in a box results in clapping, they eat a kernel of corn after trying to get them to eat for a half hour results in clapping, they hit their brother upside the head, yep you got it – clapping.  Now do we have ourselves to blame for teaching them applause – partially I suppose, but it is about time they learn when it is and isn’t appropriate to clap.  And I think the round of applause they just gave Scar after singing his spotlight tune “Be Prepared” as he is plotting to kill Mufasa and Simba is the perfect example of now being the time to set them straight.  Clapping and enjoying things is wonderful, but when it relates to something naughty it must be stopped.  You got that Henry.  You got that Grace.  You got that Thomas.

And one last realization we as a collective group have made this year is we now have a complete understanding of why people send their children to daycares.  Babies destroy everything, and everything in your house becomes a hazard.  Furniture become death sentences, ledges become death sentences, curtains and blinds meet their own death, toys and paper are shredded to smithereens by some mutinous baby army, and toilets become baths.  We’ve taken steps to ensure these things don’t occur on the regular, but each day is a struggle.

I am fortunate to have had this year to be able to see day in and day out the gains these three babies have made.  They have come a long way and I am excited to see their continual development.  I posed the question “do I get a raise?” in the title and to be honest I don’t think that would be fair.  Trish and Joe have given me shelter, they have given me food, they haven’t evicted me due to the cleanliness of my room or lack thereof, they have provided chicken for me when they eat steak, and they have given me 1-ply toilet paper while they use 3.  They’ve done so much that maybe I should be asking for a deduction instead.

I’ve kept these babies alive and that is saying a lot considering the bigger entity known as Joey.  When the conversation of the day involves Joey proclaiming, “That was very nice (speaking to himself about himself).  I didn’t bite him, or punch him, or bite him,” how could you not consider the day a success.  We will see how the next year goes in terms of their survival because I just caught Gracie tiptoeing and grunting about in an attempt to turn a doorknob.  So while I’m busy appreciating the little things in my life, they without a doubt will be joining forces to outsmart me and usurp me, and then I think it may be time to pack it all in.


First Day on the Job


A year later




Faith in Humanity Lost and Restored at the Movies

I suppose you may be here thinking what movie could plunge that low and then deliver a Hollywood punch to pick the masses right back up, well your thinking is wrong.  This isn’t a story about a movie and humanity, but rather a story about how the faith we have in others can be stripped away from us so quickly, yet returned just as quickly as it left.  As humans we tend to think of others as either decent people whom you wouldn’t mind interacting with or you look at your bystanders as the worst entities out there after they forget to hold the door open as you trail behind carrying a tray of cupcakes.  For me, I like the idea of optimistic thinking but I know all it takes is one unfriendly interaction with a stranger to send my thinking into a dark hole.

Movies, amusement parks, sporting events, concerts – generally any setting where there is a population of people gathering gives way for thoughts and opportunities to judge others.  “Oh they bought their own snacks/food in they must be smart/cheap/poor/loud noise makers.”  “They are wearing a dress to ride a rollercoaster they are clearly out of place.”  “They complain about lines, they complain about everything, they must be very unhappy people to be around.”  We may not intend to judge but we do.     And this day at the movies I might have placed false judgments upon some stranger I don’t know from Adam, but in all honesty she deserved it.

It was a Tuesday, because Tuesdays are they days where my sister and I could go to the movies for free.  Some days we would go because it was actually a movie we wanted to see (The Dark Night Rises), other days we have no idea going in and it turns out to be marvelous (The Trip), others we go because it has a decent cast but turns out to be one of the worst movies we’ve ever seen (To the Wonder), and finally there are days we go not necessarily because we want to see the movie, but because it is free.  We really like movies but what we like even more is when it doesn’t cost us a thing.  So a 4:00 clock showing of Oz the Great and Powerful, why not?

(Side note:  I think I enjoy going to the movies so much because you can experience something with others but are under the cover of darkness, and therefore you have free reign not to interact with anyone unless they step into your field of play and as a result force you to.)

As I entered the theater, which was decently crowded since it was free movie day, I spotted my sister sitting on the aisle.  Having gone to movies with her I know she frequents the bathroom so I didn’t expect her to move to the inner chair when I approached her.  I also didn’t expect her to make me stretch my clumsy legs and body across her in order to get to that chair, but she did.  And this is where it all went south and as a result my faith in others was put into question.

The attempt to make it to my seat without falling on top of her as well as our fellow movie goers worked out okay, but the attempt to clear the ginormous drink placed in the cup holder in order for  my bottom to safely reach the seat cushion, on the other hand, did not.  Soda down.  Ginormous soda down.  Embarrassment begin now.  Movie theater floors are hot spots for sticky substances, but I certainly didn’t want to be a participant in adding to this uncleanliness.  I quickly realized I was responsible for this mess so I was also responsible for cleaning it up.  I apologized to those around us with all sincerity, and for this I had to muster a lot of strength as I don’t do well with public speaking, but everyone seemed to be handling my blooper well except for this one woman.  She wasn’t just any woman though, she was the woman who made me question my faith in humanity and made me seriously consider that maybe I should go answer Bowie’s question “Is their life on Mars?” because that planet has got to be a better alternative than having to have to deal with humans on this one ever again.

She was seated behind us.  She was an older woman and she was with a man.  She looked dressier than the typical movie goer; therefore maybe she was one a date.  She was angry.

When my mishap of the leg caused the soda to come crashing down, one of the aftermaths was a microscopic drop or two landing on her ensemble, and to put it lightly she was not happy about it.  I apologized.  I apologized again.  And then I apologized some more.  Apology not accepted.  And how did I know my apology was dismissed, because she rather adamantly complained about the state of her clothes as if I just gaked her Nickelodeon style.  How could I do such a thing?  She demanded to know what I was going to do about it.  She persisted that something must be done.  Um let’s see I’ll get some paper towels and offer them to you but then you will turn them down.  Or maybe we can leave and find a dry cleaners immediately that is open 24 hours so we can rush there and sit together to ensure your scarf is brought back to its original state.  Or even better yet let me just take you on a shopping trip to make up for this horrible blunder that I have placed upon you and your wardrobe, but let’s get real nothing will appease you.

I was uncomfortable with what was happening, and I was even more uncomfortable that we just washed $5+ down the proverbial movie theater drain/floor.  This lady in case it wasn’t evident by her initial reaction to being assaulted by soda was quickly becoming the human that ticks you off so much you decide to air it on Facebook.  Yes, I know it stinks to have stains but it’s even worse when they are actually noticeable (and this coming from someone who actually despises stains).  And yes I am sorry to have ruined your afternoon school day movie date to Oz the Great and Powerful, but surely we can move past this.  And I’m positive the consoling and kisses that your partner offered you will make things better because the heartache of a droplet of soda can be a great cross to bear.  As she continued to huff and puff and insisted on knowing how I am going to make her scarf better (like I’m some politician fielding inquiries on the state of education), I do what I think is only appropriate, I leave.

I don’t leave forever, I just leave to notify the appropriate authorities of the mess I made and apologize once again for being a klutz.  I asked the staff if there was a mop I could use to clean up the floor, and then I would need it for a few more minutes to do some detailed cleaning on a certain scarf.  They sprang into action saying they had it covered.  Furthermore, they said that the lids on their cups were faulty, and assured me to not worry about it, and please go get another soda for free.  Well thank you.  I then proceeded to the bathroom to get paper towels for this woman who was currently dialing a hit man to have me taken down.  I returned to more complaining and obnoxiousness so I offered the paper towels (which as I mentioned earlier she declined), and my sister and I moved to different seats far away from her and far away from the embarrassment and annoyingness that just ensued.

So here’s the thing.  I get someone being upset.  I get it.  What I don’t get is the scene.  I know I was in the wrong but this woman was rude, gave off a killer vibe of pretentiousness, and a human no one wants to be friends with (too far?).  When did accidents turn strangers into jerks?  She was cruel, that’s what she was.  She stripped away the faith I have in others and made me never want to speak to humans again (Again, too far?).

We watched the movie but all I could think about was how infuriating this woman was.  She smooched it up as we witnessed from our new seats behind, and my sister and I had the unspoken knowledge that she was just the worst.  The movie ended and I expected to walk out into the light of day and embark on my new journey to view the world with my gray googles firmly in place.  And that’s just it – the fragility of humanity – one daunting, unpleasant interaction and it can be quickly lost.

But where faith is lost there is the possibility that it may be returned.

We exited the theater and as we approached the doors to step back out into the cruel world we were stopped by a couple.  They wanted to make it a point to inform us that the lady, you know the one who just a few hours earlier made me question humans as a race, was such a baby and was in their words: “acting like acid landed on her.”  My embarrassment and frustration with living Homo sapiens suddenly became null and instead gratification crept in.  They proceeded to tell us “you said sorry like a 1,000 times,” and they would have loved to dump something far worse over her head.  We all laughed.  And this gesture made by strangers who went out of their way to approach me didn’t just make me feel better about my “altercation” in movie theater 2, but it brought back my feelings that people are good.  Humans can get it right.

Moments prior I was ready to throw in the towel on interacting with strangers ever again, and then in a snap it was these people we call strangers who recognized the absurdity of it all and were able to restore my faith in humanity.  So this indeed isn’t a story about a movie, but rather a story occurring at the movies where faith was quickly taken away by a scarf obsessed stranger, but then replaced by another stranger proclaiming their desire to inflict bodily harm on someone on your behalf.  I am thankful for this experience because even though you may have been wearing a Mets Starter jacket from the early 90s (Yankees fan here) you immediately brightened my day.  We judge others, it’s only human, but let’s just try and remember we are all in this together. And if we can’t get behind the group think mentality of harming another obnoxious human and laughing about it, then what is humanity anyway?