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It’s a Babies World, and I’m just livin’ in it: Part Two


In Part One I talked about some of my keys to success, a few of my standout highlights, and listed various TV Findings I have made since having access to Netflix, soap operas, children’s movies/TV shows all the days of my nanny life thus far.  I want to turn the conversation though to some systematic research I have done just over the course 6 weeks or so.  This research is backed by hours of observation and experiments involving controlled and independent variables.   Okay, honestly I haven’t really incorporated experiments into my routine quite yet, besides the good ole Pavlov make the baby salivate with an empty spoon shtick, but I truly have been observing a great deal.

In a short amount of time I’ve become infinitely closer to zoologists and animal behaviorists which I never believed would happen in my lifetime.  My clientele just happen to be the human kind.  I am a babyologist in the purest sense of the word.  I watch these mini-sized Homo sapiens in their natural habitat and I take notes.  Lots of mental notes.  My research is far from complete but I say with confidence that human babies are the coolest creatures out there.  They display many characteristics that I think all older humans would love to have for their entire lives. Continue reading It’s a Babies World, and I’m just livin’ in it: Part Two