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A Snow Day Question Frenzy with a Dino Loving 3 Year Old

As Joey celebrated his record setting 16th snow day for the 2013-14 school year, I decided to take this opportunity to observe him and his lifestyle a tad more closely.  What unfolded I will describe here in the best way that I can, by writing verbatim his proclamations, questions, and comments that occurred over the course of a very short time span.

First though a little bit of background.  He likes dinosaurs a whole lot, I’d even say slightly more than your average 3 year old.  Anything on Netflix related to dinosaurs is must see TV for him.  With that being said his obvious dino viewing choice for this snow day was Walking with Dinosaurs, a television series airing in the United Kingdom in 1999 described on IMDB as a “Documentary-style series about the era of the dinosaurs, mixing real locations and CGI.”  Think Jurassic Park with no humans and a narrator acting like he is giving a play by play to live footage from the Cretaceous period.  I believe 11 people have viewed this documentary and Joey is eight of them.  Who needs The Land Before Time when you can watch an educational documentary and gain true knowledge?

So without further ado here are Joey’s thoughts, concerns, and wonders about the 29 minute episode of Spirits of the Ice Forest from the widely unpopular Walking with Dinosaurs, not to be confused with the modern, smash hit Walking with the Dinosaurs.  Oh and did I forget to mention that along with being obsessed with dinos, he has also taken a liking to talking non stop, especially during TV programming. (My deep thoughts interspersed throughout can be found in the parentheses.) Continue reading A Snow Day Question Frenzy with a Dino Loving 3 Year Old