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This Halloween season has certainly been an eventful one.  My car had fallen victim to some mischief night hijinks, I spent my free time crafting and carving, and I found my way back to realizing why Halloween is so great after feeling indifferent towards it for a few years.

Let’s start from the top though.

I left my class on the eve of Halloween only to be greeted by some choice images on my car windows.  I spotted the one on my driver’s window immediately and laughed.  The thought to try and rid my car of the explicit drawings before I operated it didn’t really cross my mind because I wanted others, specifically my sisters, to witness the absurdity.  Also, it wasn’t until I turned the car on that I noticed the front window plastered, and then a few minutes en route I craned my neck to the right and saw that the other windows were hit up as well.  The 20 minute ride allowed me to tabulate my thoughts in this fashion:

Screenshot_2013-10-31-12-53-05 (1)(Yeah I am a jerk who just screen shot my own status.)  I did it so you can get the sense of what my car and I were feeling on that night.  And if you are interested in what my windows were subjected to and need a good laugh, I would happily be obliged to send them your way.  Tricked, I think so.

I don’t really consider myself to be a crafty person, but then again I did work in a preschool for 4 years so I suppose I picked up some tips and tools.  Halloween is truly a crafty, pinterest lover’s dream holiday.  There are endless possibilities for fun and you can really go wild if you allow yourself to.  Yet, for the last few years or so I’ve had an ambivalent attitude towards it.  Maybe it stems from the candy feign in me still wishing I was allowed to go trick or treating, or maybe it is from the lame, skimpy outfits girls and women my age think they can get away with because after all that’s what Halloween embodies, right?  Either way I haven’t really been festive for quite some time now.  This year with my new life circumstances my attitude has been turned around and I would go as far as saying the positive feelings towards Halloween have been revived.

I had the ambitious aspirations of doing a few Halloween related activities with Joey.  But guess what, he is a three year old with the attention span of two and a quarter minutes who would rather “play with my babies” and do the opposite of what you direct him to do.  We started one project together, he lasted to the point of me removing all of the pieces from the packaging and setting them on the counter, and I lasted until I almost had all the sticky, meaningless pieces attached.  This is the result:


I wouldn’t say this required much skill, but it was for 6+ so I am greatly satisfied with my abilities to tackle this assignment.  It did however, require a bit of time punching 1 mm eye holes out of ghosts and bats so it could look exactly like the model.  Ergo, I think next go around I am definitely ready for the 10+ crafts table.

We carved a pumpkin just like everyone else.  I did this only to make it a goal of Joey’s to touch the inner gooeyness that pumpkins have to offer.  He refused, but he did walk away with putting one finger on the spooky mouth to feel the sharp teeth, so all in all it was a success.

This new crafting hobby parlayed itself into pumping up the ordinary routine of throwing a costume on and calling it a day, to taking it to the next level.  With three babies and a big brother the theme Halloweens I think will stick around for many years to come.  This year my sister decided to go with the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.  Joey’s obsession with the animated Disney skit from 1932 and his affinity for talking about bad guys lent itself perfectly to this theme.  We researched different pig outfits for babies but with three, the best option inevitably will always be the cheapest option.

Piglet babies are cute enough and let’s be honest any baby dressed up is usually cute, but what’s even cuter is when you add some details.

(Side note: I think my feelings for my indifference for Halloween also may come from the fact that I really like originality and creativity, and I sometimes can think of creative things but don’t want to put the time, effort, or money into actually seeing them to fruition.)

(Side note to the Side note: I think at some point in our youth my sisters and I were all the same clown for Halloween – even for some of us in back to back years.  This recycling of costumes was most likely due to budget reasons, but also because it was a homemade costume and it was pretty awesome, thanks Mom).  Details for the three little pigs obviously would have to include some sort of straw, sticks, and bricks.  Therefore, I took it upon myself to build these houses out of cardboard.  In theory it seeqms like a manageable thing, in actuality cardboard can really only be stabilized by not being cardboard, and even worse it certainly doesn’t stand a chance against non-cooperative moving babies and 4 preschool aged boys attempting to destroy it.   With the collaborative efforts of my sisters we were able to get them standing and despite all the extraneous threats this was able happen:

995558_10202401296496481_672786466_n (1)

(Taken by K. Liburdi)

And all was right in the world.  Because come on, what can be cuter than this scene at Halloween?   Well, come to think of it I wanted to add tool belts, overalls, a fiddle to one pig, smoke to the brick house, and suspenders with trousers to the wolf.  But then again I’m not Mary Poppins and I can’t make magic happen.  Nonetheless, this Halloween was pretty magical and I remembered just why it is one of the best holidays out there.  For one day we can become anything we want to be, and if we are committed to it we can throw in some details to stand out from the crowd.

Oh and we get to consume lots of candy.  Forget about that other stuff I just said.  It really is all about the candy and seeing who can fill their pillow case with the most, then obviously divvying it up into piles of the cool and most liked candy down to the raisins, pennies, and the other loser candy.  Followed by hours of negotiations with your sisters to try and garner more of your favorite types, and maybe sometimes even try to sneak a thing or two away from their mounds.

Halloween is about dressing up in costumes for enjoyment.   But it also includes being mischievous and pranking others, bonding over crafting activities, scheming and negotiating based solely on candy products, and constructing and using props for just a onetime event.  All of these things – the tricks and the treats, make Halloween so great, and I’m glad I have come to that realization once again.


(The non expressive 2/3rd’s portion of the piglet trio)


(The Hannibal Lecter 1/3rd portion of the piglet trio)



 (I think all 3 little pigs don’t care if the big bad wolf is coming, they clearly want out of their houses.)IMG_20131103_144720_839

 (I hope my elementary school pals are ok with the use of this image)

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat”

  1. Debbie, you guys did an AWESOME job on their costumes and your craft is also pretty awesome… I had high hopes for our crafting and prop making and was no where near as successful as you! (I even saved the pic of the 4 of them and showed it off to my friends who do not know you guys, that is how impressed I was!) I can not wait to see what you guys come up with next year! I am sure it will be awesome! And I also can not wait to see what the Christmas crafting season will bring!

    1. Thanks Jeanine! The hours and endless amount of tape spent building the houses for them to just be destroyed in a matter of seconds was well worth it. I think the entire Christmas season will be spent defending the tree (in the basketball help sort of way) from little prying hands.

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